Most people dread the thought of moving, yet those same people love it when the move is finally complete. Why? Most likely it's the emotional attachment and nostalgia for a beloved home. It's understandable but yet a home that just doesn't fit your needs any longer can make even the most loved home feel uncomfortable.

Are you wondering if it's time to move? Here are 6 telltale signs that you should consider putting the "For Sale" sign up in your front yard.

1) Your Home Is Too Small - When you first bought this house you thought it was perfect for the size of family you anticipated having. But as time went on and children grew, you acquired a few pets, toys, etc... It has really started to feel a bit cramped. This happens all too often.

2) Your Home Is Too Large - Life changes! Empty nesters find the home too large and it's maintenance too much when when they finally have time to relax or travel.

3) Your Home Is Too Expensive - Are you spending all your extra cash making repairs? Or are there major upgrades to suit your lifestyle?

4) The Neighborhood Is Losing Value - Neighborhoods do change over time, if yours is declining you should consider a move.

5) Changing The Weather - Have you finally tired of shoveling snow? A move to a warmer state could be the right move for you.

6) Change IS Good! - The final reason your should consider a move? Why not try something different? A different style home or location, if the home isn't making you happy any longer, time to move!